Pinnacle Plus Resumes

The Process

When you hire Pinnacle Plus Resumes the main priority is not only to provide you with a resume that is highly distinctive, creative and targeted to the job opportunities that you are specifically looking for, but a simplicity of process. An important goal is to eliminate all of your hassles of thinking about how to construct a resume and what it may take to create the “right” resume.

Create a resume with ease! Let Pinnacle Plus Resumes do all the work through a simple 4 step process.


Contact Pinnacle Plus Resumes through phone or email to:

1) Conduct initial consultation
2) Receive current resume for review
3) Discuss specific employment/career needs and goals
4) Move forward and set up appointment for primary consultation


At the primary consultation (via telephone):

1) Work in partnership with you to collaboratively design all your required job search marketing documentation. (Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours)


Principal writer creates required documents after primary consultation:

1) Return all documents for your review and set up final review appointment (Approximately 20 minutes)


Final layout to all documents completed and returned!

Satisfaction Guaranteed