Pinnacle Plus Resumes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to review my resume quickly for free?

Yes. I am able to provide an initial free no-obligation consultation. This consultation will permit an opportunity to review the quality of your current resume and suggest ways of possible improvement. You can then either attempt to make the suggested changes on your own or hire my services, ensuring that you have highly unique, distinct and marketable career search documents.

Current turnaround time, what if I want a faster turnaround time?

All attempts are made by Pinnacle Plus Resumes to accommodate client timeline requirements. Unfortunately, depending on client loads faster return times may not be possible. Please note that at Pinnacle Plus Resumes the policy is 'first come, first serve', as we believe that this is the fairest practice to all clients.

What if my employment position/job is not in any of the categories on the service list that you have advertised?

The current list is intended to provide you with a general idea of common service categories. Pinnacle Plus Resumes has worked with many different types of professionals and I have created literally hundreds of resumes for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and occupational positions. To inquire about your specific industry and position please Contact.

What if I am not satisfied? Are there any guarantees?

At Pinnacle Plus Resumes total client satisfaction is the priority. The Pinnacle Plus Guarantee assures you complete satisfaction throughout the career document creation process and up to final completion. If you are not satisfied with any part of your service or the completed results, you can request to have a complete return of all your funds. See The Pinnacle Plus Guarantee for more details.