Pinnacle Plus Resumes

Vision / Mission Statements

Pinnacle Plus Resumes holds to a consistent increase in service level standards and practices, and with that adheres to the following strict principles:

  • Continually strive for increasing excellence in client service and satisfaction.
    This includes the strictest standards on client documentation design, return times and principal writer accessibility.
    See the The Pinnacle Plus Guarantee
  • Honour all stated promised commitments to active clients.
    Continue to always remain responsive to current and on-going individual client needs.
  • Principal will continually develop knowledge, skills, expertise, education and training.
    Maintain current knowledge on emerging trends, practices, and advances in the career and employment field
  • Maintain the highest levels of client confidentiality and privacy.
    See Pinnacle Plus Resumes Privacy Policy
  • The principal will conduct and hold himself to the highest levels of professional standards, ethics and practices.
    Professional Organizations
  • Commit to a holistic approach to all client assistance and uphold the values of respect for human dignity and human rights.
    Provide equal and fair service to all individuals regardless of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Maintain high standards of personal and professional conduct while confining any and all professional activities to those only trained and qualified for.
    Stated educational, professional and experiential qualifications are exact, honest and truthful, with only reasonable appropriate outcomes and guarantees on client service stated.