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Career Planning / Pathing

Is your present career direction unclear?

Are you lacking career fulfilment?

Has it been a very long time since you had real joy in your work?

Any career path can be unclear and uncertain, but a career experience becomes completely unbearable when there is very little enjoyment or satisfaction. A recent survey released by Gallup revealed that the majority of workers within Canada and the United States are not engaged in their work. The report cited that 54% of workers are not engaged, and 18% are actively disengaged. This leaves a mere 28% of workers that are truly engaged by their work.

So there are some important questions to ask yourself ...

  • Are you in the energized, joyful and happy group, or are you with the 72%, completely unsatisfied with your career?
  • Where are you right now in your career? Are you frustrated, demotivated and fatigued, or even worse completely burnt out?
  • How long are you going to remain in your present career, feeling unengaged and unfulfilled?

Having a career path with meaning, contribution, energy and happiness means making a decision to move in a new career direction. Pinnacle Plus Resumes is here to help you realize a renewed focus! Using the Thousand Voices Career Pathing Program you can begin to evaluate the right career for you. Unlike some other career programs administering only career assessments, the program takes a wholistic approach not only to discovering your true skills, interests and passions, but your own unique career meaning and purpose.

You can achieve a career filled with new possibilities, positivity and vision. But YOU have to take the first step and decide to move in another direction. Start a career path that allows you to become who YOU want to be, achieving your greatest potential. Start the journey and live your truest self.