Pinnacle Plus Resumes

The Company

Pinnacle Plus Resumes is a premier online resume writing organization physically located within the Waterloo region, originally serving the Tri-city areas (Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph).

It has grown to provide on-line service to additional surrounding areas located within southwestern Ontario, which includes London, Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Stoney Creek and any surrounding cities.

Pinnacle Plus Resumes assists individuals with the creation of written career search marketing tools such as resumes/cv's, covering letters, written portfolios and other designed documentation. Provided exclusively through telephone and online/internet environments, this company continually strives to design RESUMES THAT ARE:

  • Extraordinarily distinct
  • Highly unique to your career accomplishments
  • Customized to your specific strengths, position and industry/field
  • Personalized to EACH individual client

Showcase your best career potential! Give yourself every edge above the competition. This is my guarantee, my commitment, the Pinnacle Plus Advantage.

Why you need to choose Pinnacle Plus Resumes....

Pinnacle Plus Resumes NEVER uses resume templates! Although you will get a faster and generally less expensive document, the process results in carbon copy resumes with little or no distinctiveness at all. Do you want to present a resume that will be identical to all other resumes and possibly be lost in the endless stacks of candidates?

Let comprehensive knowledge and training in the career search process take all the guess work out of creating your unique resume. Guaranteed to provide:

  • A fresh perspective to your specific skill sets, talents and achievements.
  • Complete access to a career specialist whose sole focus is to help you attain your individual career objectives. Bio
  • Knowledgeable guidance through extensive employment/career search experience, research and expertise, while always highly motivated to support you!